Dance Classes Long Beach

As seen on "Yelp":

Katie Z. - 9/6/2016
"My whole dance life has been spent at The Dance Loft of Long beach. I owe my entire dance career to the teachers at that studio. They truly inspire me each and everyday and I most definitely would not be dancing at The University at Buffalo if it weren't for them. As I grow and develop as a dancer I still love that I can go back to my home studio and have such a professional atmosphere and professional group of dancers to dance with. Willa Damien and Brooke Robyn Dairman are the biggest role models an aspiring dancer could have. I could not thank them enough for everything they have done for me not just as a dancer but also as a person."

Monique C. - 8/29/2016
"I absolutely love this dance studio. Their teachers all commute from NYC and are top professionals.  My daughter has danced there for the past two years and has made a HUGE improvement.  She takes tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop; and competes in all categories.  They came top scores in every competition this year.  The teachers make it a priority to not only make sure the dancers are improving every day but also remain humble.  The girls are all so close with each other and all take dance very seriously.  Coming from a mom who's daughter dances over 14 hours a week, this is hands down the best studio around."

C.B. -  8/29/2016
This is a wonderful school that welcomes everyone. Their standards are high, instructors terrific and the culture of the Dance Loft is superb."

Eileen C. - 8/29/2016
"My daughter has been at The Dance Loft since she was 3, she is now 16. She is not your typical dancer because she played sports together with dance. We are so grateful that the Dance Loft has been there for her as a constant in her life. The professional and well qualified staff is the complete package, look no further. I have also witnessed the growth of the school from just a dance studio to now offering a professional theatre group. Again look no further!!"

James F. - 8/28/2016
"My seven-year-old son has been in the Professional Youth Theater at the Dance Loft for over a year, and I think what Brooke, Erica, and the entire staff does with young talent is truly special. The performances they arrange are first rate. My son's team won highest honors in competition, and I've seen their older groups do some really impressive dancing. My son did their summer program, and we just saw him in a performance of Aladdin arranged by the team at PYT, and it was fantastic. Truly fun and entertaining the watch. The kids got to work under instructors with Broadway experience, and it brought out their best. I really cannot recommend Professional Youth Theater at Dance Loft highly enough."

Natalie S. - 8/27/2016
"The Dance Loft has been my daughter's home away from home.  She loves it there for so many reasons.  Professionally trained teachers that bring a variety of dance styles, experience and perspectives sets this dance school apart!  The directors make us feel at home and listen and work  with the children and parents to offer the most comprehensive program.  The children feel a sense of accomplishment. The Dance Loft also gets involved in community events which adds a sparkle to the City of Long Beach and allows the children to feel they are contributing--they also love to perform.  The competitions we participate in are carefully selected, are always so much fun for everyone, and also make the children feel accomplished!  Master classes are offered by NYC professionals .i.e,.Rockettes!!  The instruction and quality of teaching is top notch, and we would not think of going anywhere else.  Thank you for the past 9 years of quality dance instruction!"

Jenny H. - 8/26/2016
"I have 3 daughters and The Dance Loft is the only school in Long Beach that I would consider. We have been going since my oldest daughter was 3. It's been 11 years now and it just keeps getting better! Whether it's ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap or contemporary, your child will get top notch instruction from professional dancers. The teachers are always expanding their repertoires by taking classes themselves and by currently performing. 
I can go on and on. We just love it!"

Regina S. - 8/26/2016
"We love the Dance Loft. There are so many different class choices taught by professionals with impressive resumes, who truly care about the students they are teaching. My daughter has grown not only as a dancer, but as an individual, and that has so much to do with the training she receives at the Dance Loft. There is no other studio like it!"

Sara D. - 8/26/2016
"The most amazing experience for my 11 year old daughter! Has taught her not only amazing skills, but has given her confidence and self esteem I wish all kids her age would have."

Elizabeth J. - 6/12/2014
"Strongest dance studio in New York and Long Island. I have trained under the direction of Willa Damien and Brooke Robyn Dairman at The Dance Loft for 17 years. I owe everything to Willa's Ballet training and Brooke's Jazz training. Throughout college and now as I continue to pursue dance throughout New York City, I am constantly complimented on the "strong base of technique" that lies in my performance. The Dance Loft is a "hidden gem" outside of New York City. Willa and Brooke bring top quality training to Long Island, and their credentials are unmatched. With Willa's expertise in Ballet, and Brooke's expertise in Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary, and award-winning competition choreography, students in the area are lucky to have such professional mentors at their fingertips.  The Dance Loft intertwines the artistry of dance with the endurance, strength, and motivation needed to build a strong technique."

Dr. Alison P. - 6/10/2014
"My children have taken dance classes at the Dance Loft for a number of years, and I couldn't be happier.  The passion for dance at this studio is second to none!  Miss Willa is a true professional, and passes down her skilled technique and love for dance to every student in her school.  If you or your child want to learn the real fundamentals of dance while having a fantastic time, the Dance Loft is THE place!"

Lorraine P. - 11/1/2013
"Ms. Willa is truly a gifted person!  I danced for a long time when I was yonger and started dancing with Ms. Willa after I graduated from college for recreation.  My two experiences couldn't be more different.  I was always timid and afraid at my old school.  Ms. Willa makes dance fun but also makes you appreciate the seriousness of it as well.  She breaks down the steps until you get it which is something that I love.  If you miss a class, she lets you  make it up with another class which is a huge plus.  I strongly recommend this school for dancers of all ages!"