APPLICATION for our community workshop, Explore Dance!

The Dance Loft, in collaboration with the City of Long Beach Youth and Family Services, is pleased to announce a FREE eight-session professional dance workshop to a limited number (20) of Long Beach School District students in grades six through nine.  Students will have the opportunity to explore and participate in three different styles of dance--jazz, ballet, and hip-hop.  Classes will focus on technique as well as the unique history of each discipline.  View our flyer for more information, and please fill out our application below.  

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To apply for admission, students must submit a short personal essay (300 words or less) outlining previous experiences with dance, reasons why a professional dance class could have a positive impact in their lives, and what individual strengths they will bring to the group. We request that students only--not parents--contribute to this section. Essays should be submitted in this form field.
Priority consideration will be given to families demonstrating financial limitations. Please indicate which of the following income brackets best corresponds to your family. Please keep in mind that all applications will be considered, regardless of income. You may be asked to produce documentation of income at a later date.
Parents - please use this section to provide us with any additional information that may be helpful to us in this application process.